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From one of Canada's foremost investigative authors, a groundbreaking exposé on the motives and machinations behind cyberabuse.

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"In a freight-train of a book, Paula Todd peels back the layers of the internet in a way no one has before. The information one will glean from this book will literally be life-saving. You can't afford not to read Extreme Mean."

- Karen Burnes
Writer/Producer, and former ABC/CBS news correspondent


Cyberbullying, tormenting and revenge porn. Workplace digital skullduggery, online defamation and reputation annihilation. Cyberstalking, Anon hate and adults ridiculing other's children. Digital sexual extortion, blackmail and predators on the prowl. Which kids, youth and adults are behind this negative online behaviour and what can be done to stop the abuse?

Best-selling investigative author, broadcaster and digital media professor, Paula Todd, will take you into the dark world of "extreme mean” to explore the real stories behind Amanda Todd’s ‘cyberbullying’ suicide, the hidden toll on 'Friday' singer Rebecca Black as the ‘most hated person on the Internet,’ and the huge career and psychological costs to adults around the world whose lives have been torn apart by online hostility and aggression. We’ve heard the explanation: anonymity, anonymity, anonymity. But lots of people do wonderful things when no one’s looking. So, who instead is using digital camouflage to demean, disturb and destroy? The answers -- there are more than one -- will surprise you.

EXTREME MEAN drills down into the online mayhem to bring you sophisticated answers and big solutions. Is there something about the internet that erodes empathy? Does the daily ‘tech-trance’ take us to treacherous places? And why, in the face of the most sophisticated technology in human history, have some of us retreated to our most primitive selves? Even more surprising answers. Todd challenges current academic thinking, exposes dangerous loopholes in popular apps, and offers an entirely new way of understanding ‘what the hell is going on online.’ From the geeks who got the Internet going to some adults who mindlessly turned over the world’s most powerful communication system to their children, come explore the roots of online abuse, and help decide where we go next. Because the time to make that decision is NOW.

About Paula Todd

Paula Todd is a best-selling non-fiction writer, and a professor of broadcast, print and digital journalism in Toronto. She is also a lawyer and a frequent speaker on digital behavior and influence, journalism, literacy and freedom of the press.

Paula sits on the Board of Directors of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and chairs its Digital Issues Committee. She’s hosted/reported for Canada’s major television networks, and written for Canada’s largest newspapers and magazines for more than twenty years.

In 2012, Paula wrote the first e-book to break news in Canada, the best-selling Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down A Serial Child Killer and Discovered A Mother of Three. Her first book, A Quiet Courage: Inspiring Stories from All of Us, also a bestseller documents the extraordinary ways ordinary people around the world triumphed over tragedy.

Todd was Yahoo’s #2 Newsmaker of the Year for 2012, and with the publication of EXTREME MEAN: Trolls, Bullies and Predators Online expects to be trashed in 2014 for defending some trolls and exploring the real reasons tormentors, stalkers, predators and cyberbullies are ruining the Internet and risking everyone else’s freedom of expression and right to be online.


"Paula Todd's meticulous and dramatic investigation of cyber assaults directed at the most vulnerable is a disturbing read - as it ought to be. It serves as a call for deep questioning and as a demand for action."

-Gabor Maté, MD
Co-author, Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Mater More Than Peers

"Explosive from start to finish, Extreme Mean is a real, raw and revealing portrait of the cyberbullying phenomenon. Paula Todd masterfully provides a powerful voice for victims, issuing a call to action - this is not the time to stand by quietly on the sidelines, but to speak up and take back control to protect our online freedom. Let's do it now!"

- Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada

"In a freight-train of a book, Paula Todd peels back the layers of the internet in a way no one has before. The information one will glean from this book will literally be life-saving. You can't afford not to read Extreme Mean."

- Karen Burnes
Writer/Producer, and former ABC/CBS news correspondent


"Journalist and lawyer Paula Todd, following a reporter's hunches and deft investigation, has succeeded where many others failed."

- Toronto Star

Get Informed

Facts On Cyberabuse

Two thirds of teens who use social media have witnessed online cruelty.

Almost one in five teens who use social media admit they have contributed to cyberabuse.


95% of teens who use social media have witnessed others ignoring cyberabuse.

64% of cyberbullied children have not been victims of traditional bullying.

If you or someone you know is experiencing cyberabuse, talk to a parent, teacher or authority figure right away.

For more help and to talk to someone right now go to BeatBullying.org


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